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SafeAll Snatch Block with Swivel Shackle

SafeAll Snatch Block with Swivel Shackle

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  • Compatible with both synthetic line and wire rope
  • Two sheave sizes: 3”-6”
  • WLL: 2 ton-8 ton
  • Wire rope size: 5/16”-3/4"
  • Swivel shackle
  • Dual labeled ratings
  • Bronze bushings
  • Grease zerk
  • Painted green


Snatch blocks from SafeAll are a great tool in towing and recovery scenarios, off-road recreational use and material handling operations. These snatch blocks come in SafeAll’s signature green color and have been strength-tested for durability. Each one is dual labeled with its capacity rating and rope size.

Available in three sizes, these snatch blocks include a swivel shackle and can pull anywhere from 2 tons to 8 tons. They work great for redirecting the pulling angle of a winch line, and operators can often double their pulling capacities by using these shackles. The swivel allows the rope or sling to adjust as needed under tension.

These snatch blocks consist of a single pulley or sheave protected by two outer teardrop-shaped side plates. A release pin with a cotter key sandwiches the plates together over the pulley. Remove both to access the inner pulley and insert rope.

Made from quality materials, each pulley features a bronze bushing and a grease zerk for regular maintenance and rust resistance. They work with both synthetic line and wire rope and can accept line diameters between 5/16” and 3/4". Choose the size you need from the dropdown menu top right.
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