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SafeAll J-Chain Assembly with 15″ J, Grab, & Mini J Hook

SafeAll J-Chain Assembly with 15″ J, Grab, & Mini J Hook

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  • 5/16" chain with attached J-hook and Mini-J for simple vehicle hook-up.
  • Chain size: 5/16"
  • Lengths: 6', 8', 10', 12'
  • Grade 70
  • 15" J Hook
  • Mini-J Hook cluster
  • Strength tested


This J-Chain Assembly from SafeAll is specifically designed to provide a secure and versatile connection for your car carrier or other towing application. With a 15" J hook end and a Mini-J hook cluster, this assembly offers exceptional strength, durability, flexibility and ease of use for a wide range of towing needs.

The 15" J hook end is specifically designed for towing applications. Its J-shaped design allows for easy attachment to axles and wheels, providing a strong and reliable connection. In addition to the J hook, this assembly features a Mini-J hook end. This unique hook design provides versatility and adaptability, based on your specific towing requirements.

Constructed with high-quality materials, this chain features 5/16" Grade 70 links and is available in four lengths. This assembly is engineered to withstand wear and tear, providing you with a dependable towing solution that you can rely on. Each component undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its strength and to provide peace of mind for the operator.

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