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B/A 7/16" Steel Core Winch Cable w/ Swivel Hook

B/A 7/16" Steel Core Winch Cable w/ Swivel Hook

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Cable Diameter

Steel Core Winch Cable w/ Swivel Hook.

You can start relying on the superior holding strength of the 7/16" Wire Rope Assembly with Alloy Swivel Hook from B/A Products Co. when it comes to maintaining your control over the vehicle during the towing and recovery job. Available in 50’, 75’, 100’, and 150’ lengths, this is a wire rope assembly that has been engineered with the much-needed strength to take on whatever challenges you encounter in this industry. It is able to handle a working load limit of 5,740 lbs. at 3.55:1 with a minimum break strength of 20,400 lbs. The steel core is built for strength while the 6x25 cable construction increases its overall durability and versatility.

For an increase in both safety and security, we make sure to equip this wire rope with a solid and reliable alloy swivel hook. This is a strong end fitting that is more than ready to take on the more difficult jobs. It easily secures right onto the vehicle's anchoring points to establish a solid connection. The added latch feature increases the security as it helps prevent the hook from coming off of the securement point.

7/16" WLL:  5,740 lbs.

Standard Carrier Length: 100'
Standard Wrecker Length: 150'

PN: 4-716SC100S

*Please confirm your specific application as some winch configurations may only accept certain lengths of wire rope. Over winding any winch may result in damage to surrounding components or to the winch cable itself.

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